2016 is Gonna be Different


Imagine the difference…

– actually giving joyfully and generously.
– actually inviting people.
– your friend actually discovering the same friendship with Jesus that you enjoy!
– a stranger searching for compassion and mercy, actually finding it in your act of friendship.
Two milestones for 2016 will make a difference. We’re hopeful that…

200 people will make 16 personal and passionate invitations to their friends and neighbors to join them where they are already enthusiastically engaged at the Church!
We will raise our congregational financial commitment by 16%!

2016 is gonna be different.
Here are a couple other noteworthy examples of the difference you’ll see in 2016:

Gary and Beth Roberts will be joining our ministry team in Verona. Gary will be our new site leader in Verona and join our team as the Director of Community Involvement. Gary specializes in training and coaching missional leaders in the competencies of community
listening, a process he calls Missional Listening.

His primary mission is to help churches listen to their communities using the principles and practices of missional lifestyle and asset-based community development. As such he will oversee our Human Care / Mercy Ministry and help us grow in our capacity to engage and listen attentively to our community. Learn more about Gary in the Nov/Dec issue of the Good News, or check out his website at www.glroberts.com.

Our East Side Region will publicly launch in December 19th. Find out how you can be praying as you read Pastor Matt’s article.
2016 is gonna be different…
1person – 1neighborhood – 1region at a time.

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