An Important Update from Pastor Jeff

Brothers and Sisters of the Church and friends in our Dane County Community,

“Fear not, for I am with you always.  Be not dismayed, I am your God.  I will help you, strengthen you and uphold you with My righteous right hand!” Isaiah 41:10

With God, the entreaty to “fear not” is always followed with a promise! So, with confidence in our God, we trust in Him to be with us during all times and all circumstances.  That means that during this uncertain time with the coronavirus, we put our trust in God, as well as being prudent in making decisions.

Fear is a natural human emotion. Faith is a gift from God given to His people. Both exist in us. So, we are trusting, praying, confident, unwavering, AND cautious, serving, leading for the sake of our community.

The coronavirus pandemic has given us an unprecedented challenge AND opportunity.

After much prayer, consultation, and, at the recommendation of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, we have decided to suspend all gatherings at the Church at least through March 29th. We will re-evaluate and share our decision for what we will do after March 29th by March 27th.

Among the dozens of articles and posts I have been reading since this past Tuesday from religious leaders, business leaders, and government officials, I have been reminded of the importance of balanced, thoughtful, and collaborative decision making in unprecedented moments. Here is one paragraph that really captured my imagination and heart.

“Higher brain thinking is all about solutions, being open to new ways of doing things, and keeping your neuropathways in a position where you can think. In all crisis situations, people naturally go into the lower brain. Fight the temptation and stay focused on all of the good that’s in place. Although canceling sporting events, conferences and school is disruptive and disappointing, it’s likely lives will be saved because of those actions.”

Read more from Laura Gallagher, President of the Creative Company…

You are loved by the God of the universe. Jesus proves it. He wins, every time, and in every situation. The victory over this intruder is already secure. We make this decision upon this foundation.

We believe that God is at work in our world right now. He is not surprised. He is not caught off guard. He knows. He loves. He lives. We have been given a very special, (once-in-a-lifetime perhaps) opportunity to share the Good News. And, right now, because of COVID-19, in new ways. let us take the lead for the sake of our community.

Here are some of the particulars we want you to be aware of:

  • No gatherings at the Church through at least March 29th
  • No preschool through March 29th
  • Announcement concerning what will happen after the 29th by at least March 27th
  • Worship will be live-streamed at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings through March 29th


The feed will be live at 9 a.m under the middle “POSTS” column on the home page of our website.

Here’s what we are asking YOU TO DO:

  • Keep checking our website and your email for up-to-date information.
  • Feel free to share anything we share with you with neighbors, friends and family members. We are working on creative ways to stay connected with you throughout this fluid situation.
  • Pray for God’s reign to be seen in our church and through us and others in our community in such a profound way that many would come to know Jesus’ love in new, and dynamic ways.
  • Continue to pray for your leaders for wisdom, courage, and creativity.
  • Continue to support your preschool and church with your financial gifts so we can remain a strong presence in this community. You can give online here during this time:

May God use us to share peace, love, and compassion as we are given the opportunity. May I ask you to pray fervently for those opportunities, AND for courage and grace to follow through.

Also, as always, the staff at the Church desires to serve you.  If you have a need to connect with us, you can reach Pastor Matt at (608) 444-5660 or Pastor Jeff at (608) 332-0580.  Feel free to text us if you prefer.

God’s Peace and Love to all!

Pastor Jeff

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