Becoming A Household Well

In a season when there are so many things going on, it is understandable that some might feel worried and perhaps afraid when we don’t know where to draw water in order to survive.

When we look at stories throughout the Bible, we see characters scrambling one way or another because they are facing tough and overwhelming situations.

In 1 Kings 19:3-4, Elijah cried out to the Lord asking Him to end his situation as he already had enough.

King David in Psalm 55:4-7 felt like running away to hide as he felt overwhelmed with troubles.

And then remember Jonah. He spent three days and three nights inside a great fish because he chose to move opposite from the direction God had called him to.

Don’t be discouraged! Even these mighty characters in the Bible had their fair share of troubles. But one thing is for sure, WE ARE NEVER ALONE.

Here’s a thought: think about the way we farm our cattle in America. We often use fences to protect and defend our land. But in Australia, instead of fences, they place wells across their land. Because of this, the cattle would know that in order for them to survive, they need to stay close to the wells where they can draw water from.

So as Christians, instead of being defensive, what if we tear the walls down and become a well for the people around us? Instead of them having nowhere to go but to flee and run away from troubles, how about we befriend them and guide them to the source of the living water?


And then There’s Jesus

Even in the hour of Jesus’ greatest need, He took the time to stop and pray for Himself, for the people in the upper room with Him, for His disciples, and for every future disciple that would come thereafter. Jesus’ prayer to the Father is to make His people holy by His truth, just as He sent Him into the world. Jesus was willing to give Himself as a sacrifice so His people can be made holy by the truth (John 17).

Jesus’ simple lifelong prayer was: “Father, thy will be done.”


The World is Not our Greatest Enemy, Sin is

The one thing that hinders, overthrows, and suppresses us is sin. And Jesus is saying, “Keep this deadly influence away from my followers, and then they will have progress and victory.”


There is a Strong Connection Between Holiness and Sentness

We are not just made holy to get us ready for heaven. We are made holy in the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ to be sent like He was sent into the world. Our role as Christians isn’t just to worship faithfully through the years and wait until the day the Father takes us home – it is to live our faith. Jesus wished that His disciples would be like Himself – that’s why He prayed. (John 17:17-18)


He Does Not Only Prayed for Us, He Laid Down His Life for Us

Jesus acted on our behalf and made the greatest deposit that has ever been made for our worthiness before the Father. It is Jesus’ gift of life that makes prayer effective. (John 17:19)

So here’s the good news: Jesus is our Savior, our strength, and most importantly, our living water that satisfies!

And so how do we respond as a church?

We continue to instill this reminder, not only in our minds but also in our hearts that Jesus prayed for us, He lived for us, He died for us, and He reigns for us. Not just for heaven, but in the here and now.

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