Blind Spot

“We need each other.”

“We need God.”

“We need His wisdom and truth.”

“We need that truth to freely flow between us in this community of faith.”

“We need deeper friendship; more honest reflection, deeper thought, richer personal interactions with one another.”

These are some of the thoughts I have been entertaining since I read this article today.  The author shares 7 common blind spots that block out reality.

“Here are 7 Common Blind spots:

  1. Denial of Reality – Feeling so strong about our own beliefs that we deny the beliefs of others, or deny facts right in front of our eyes.
  2. Control – Seeing ourselves as being more responsible for things than we actually are, or having more control over things and events than we truly do.
  3. Made-Up Memories – Making decisions based on memories that did not happen. Often we confuse our imaginations, or our dreams, with reality.
  4. Reality Distortions – Distorting reality to conform to preconceptions.
  5. Know it All – Thinking that we know more than what we really do. (We simply don’t know what we don’t know.)
  6. Listening Only to Validate What We Know – Failure to listen to others.
  7. Undervaluing What We Do Know – Listening too much to others, and allowing others’ beliefs to talk us out of our beliefs; or in some cases cause us not to trust our instincts.”

You can read the entire article here.

Which of these 7 common blind spots do you think might be blocking reality for you?

Pastor Jeff

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