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There are some exciting stories being shared about Catalyst Curriculum!  As a reminder, “Catalyst Curriculum” are lifeGroups that are taking a close look at missional living and what it means for them as they live life together, on mission with Jesus.  Here are just a few quotes from those who have experienced the training and are now teaching it in their lifeGroups:

“After going to the Catalyst training my husband and I have noticed we are more aware of what is going on around us.  I find myself putting my phone down at the bank to talk more to the teller, or just to start conversations with people.  Instead of reading a book while giving blood I had a conversation with the lady and learned a lot about her life.  We asked a waitress if we could pray for her and found out her Grandma has cancer.  We have had multiple situations like that this last month.  And once you start doing it, it really comes naturally.

“It was a challenge to teach the 10 children (age 8 and under) about listening to Jesus… but as we played games and listened to one another we were able to make a natural connection to listening to Jesus.  They are starting to understand!”

“”The Catalyst Curriculum has been great! What it has done is teach us — step by step, in bite-sized pieces — HOW to do what we’re all TRYING to do, to actively love the world as God loves us. We’ve been able to adapt each lesson for the young kids in our group, helping them to find ways to share God’s love, too — through volunteering or even just asking that lonely kid at recess if she wants to play. All of the curriculum is directly tied to the Bible, so it’s easy to see how the lessons directly stem from God’s Word. Catalyst has been interesting and engaging, and it’s exciting to be taking steps toward actively being Jesus in our neighborhoods.”

“We had a great first week teaching the material in our group and some rich discussion.  There was also some resistance as we wrestled with some of the content.  It’s not bad when there is resistance, it means it is getting real and people are really trying to own their walk as they follow Jesus.”

God is working!  How encouraging to hear what happens when we follow Jesus and practice living out what we are learning.  How great it is when people are willing to just give it a try!

We are offering the Catalyst Training again –  August 11, 12, 13 and August 25, 26, 27 – for anyone that is interested.  Perhaps you were not able to attend back in April, or you may have been unsure what it was about.  Take advantage of this exciting opportunity.  You can email Amy Meyer – [email protected] –  if you are interested in attending the August training weekends or if you have any questions.  We would love to have you join us!

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