East Madison Check In


Hi (the) Church!

I wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going at the Church in East Madison.

Over the summer we have been consistently worshipping on Sunday nights at 5pm.  Sunday nights seem to work really well for us as it’s easier to get back for worship if you go out of town for the weekend, say camping (something a few of us did together one weekend this summer). As of September we’ll be moving to Saturday night 5pm worship again, since Higher Ground meets on Sunday evenings.

We have great relationships with the building manager and maintenance people, especially Capon, who I have great conversations with whenever I see him.

There are two friends of our families who have been us for worship off and on, both of whom many of us have been able to know through lifeGroup and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

The Blood Drive we hosted on June 24th was a great success. Thank you for all of your donations, volunteering, for giving or trying to give blood.  Here is what our coordinator, Dannie Jaeger, had to say:

  • We served our community and donated 24 pints of blood – that can potentially help 72 people.
  • The space looked super nice & inviting – I loved the flowers & our pictures!
  • I witnessed SO MANY conversations taking place – in the donor room, at the registration table, at the food table….It was by far my absolute favorite part of the day.
  • We made new, initial connections with people in our building.
  • We made new, initial connections with Access for Independence.


The Red Cross already offered to make us a regular donation site, and we’re deciding how many we can commit to organizing (currently we’re looking at 2-4 times/year).

Thank you for all your support, prayers, and though we don’t always get to see you, for being partners in the vision to see the Church in many neighborhoods making Regional Impact!