Follow the Leader: Bringing Kids to Worship

Thank you. Parents, let me be the first to thank you. What for, you ask? For simply bringing your child to worship. I know – it is often a less than simple task! Sometimes it can be a little chaotic. Other times, you spend an hour with a restless toddler and leave feeling like you have missed out. Or, maybe your 5th grader is a little less than excited to get in the car with you on Sunday morning? However, there are also those moments when you hear your 4 year old singing along with a song or you see your toddler run up to a trusted adult after church, and you are reminded of the importance of worshiping with your child.

If you haven’t heard it before, let me be the first to tell you – it mattered. The act of coming to church is noticed by your child. Watching you participate in worship is the most important sermon for your child. Seeing that you prioritize that hour of the week, every week, is an important step in training your child to love the Lord.

How then, can you as a parent help make that hour on Sunday mornings meaningful for your child? In the September-October Good News, you can check out my full article filled with tips on how you can help to make Sunday morning worship more accessible for your child.

Here are some specific things you can try out this week as you and your family prepare to worship together this coming Sunday.

Over the last several weeks we have been talking about being a leader at church. At home this week, play Follow the Leader with your children. Talk about what it means to influence others and be a leader. For older children, you could have them lead the family in prayer before a meal or in a discussion about a Bible Story.
Download one of the songs we will be singing this week in worship. Play it for your children this week as you drive them to school or before bed after story time. Help them be familiar with the song so they can participate on Sunday. For older children, print out the lyrics and talk about them together. In Fitchburg this week we’ll be singing Spirit of Heaven by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend at the early service and and at Exalt we’ll be singing Rejoice by Dustin Kensrue/Stuart Townend and Glorify Your Name by David Glenn
Help your child decide on an amount of money that they would like to bring this week for an offering. Place it in an envelope and decorate the envelope as an act of worship and praise for God.
Pick a night this week to have a prayer time as a family. Have each person name one prayer request. Write those down and, on Sunday, transfer them to prayer scroll together.
Have your child list 1-3 people from church who they trust and enjoy being with. Help your child write notes/cards to those people this week and deliver them on Sunday at worship.

How do you help to engage your children in worship? I’d love to know what has worked for you! Or, check out the article in the good news and let us know which idea you are trying out.

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