Give Us This Day …

Try this activity in your Household well.

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

  • Materials you’ll need: a Bible,a list of people you are praying for (your impact list) thank you cards, pens
  • Read Matthew 6:31-34 and Mattew 25:34-40.
  • Take a tour of your home. Consider all the ways God has provided for your family. Stop and look at pictures of friends and family. Consider how God has blessed your family.
  •  Say a prayer of thanksgiving – let everyone have a turn.
  • Give each person in your family a blank thank you card. Have each person write a “thank you” note to someone on your impact list who has blessed you….in friendship, materially, or by encouraging you, etc. Considering mentioning in your note, that God has used them to bless you.
  • Spend time thanking God for each of those people by name and praying that they, too, will see their daily provisions as a gift from God.
  • Family Challenge: Schedule a time for your family to go serve at a food pantry or shelter this week. Considering baking bread and taking it to a neighbor. Write about how it went in your Penzu journal.
  • Close by saying the entire Lord’s Prayer together.

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