Goals: Coming in 2019

Goals: Coming in 2019

As we look through Scripture, we see countless examples of God giving people goals to achieve. Goals that help them focus on fulfilling the plans that God has set out. Homes Springing with Life are homes that are focused and intentional about the goals that God has set before them. Our church family is no different. We operate well when we are aligned and moving towards a common goal that God has set before us. Each fall, the Church staff gathers to look at those goals that God is placing on our hearts. We look forward to the big picture, and then narrow that to goals that are a few years out, goals for the coming year, and then our specific focus for the next few months.

Our big picture goal is this: We will see 40 well-watered Household Wells in designated regions, bearing Kingdom fruit. We will see people from those Household Wells in focused and intentional 1-with-1 discipling relationships. We will see people identifying themselves as disciples, committed to reaching 1 person, 1 home, 1 neighborhood, 1 region at a time until no one in Madison is thirsty.

Sometimes a big picture dream feels really big. We have articulated what we hope to see in the next few years as a step in seeing the big picture goal realized. The 3-year goal is to see a FLOURISHING CONGREGATION, FLOURISHING HOMES, and FLOURISHING INDIVIDUALS. In each of those areas, we have defined flourishing to mean our congregation/homes/selves are built on truth and grace, practice generosity, are emotionally and spiritually healthy, and are connected in community with each other and to their specific regional neighborhoods and communities.

In 2018, we focused on Homes Springing with Life as a first step towards seeing that 3-year goal become reality. It has been an exciting year for the staff. We have been celebrating the growth and joy that we have seen in people’s lives. We enjoyed the extra time spent with our church family at our wellness events. And we are confident that the dream that God has given us is becoming a reality.

For 2019, we hope to continue building that foundation that will lead towards a Flourishing Congregation, Flourishing Homes, and Flourishing Individuals. Our theme for 2019 will be:

HOMES BUILT on GRACE and TRUTH (John 1:14)

We will place an emphasis on what it means for those areas to have a solid foundation in God’s truth and in His grace, living that out through time in God’s WORD, connected through PRAYER, and generous with LOVE. By the end of 2019, our hope is that each of us can answer the questions:

“How am I following Jesus through WORD, PRAY, LOVE?”

“Who am I helping to follow Jesus through WORD, PRAY, LOVE?”

  • We are eager to explore those questions alongside of you. As we prepare for the new year, here are just a few of the things you can look forward to at the Church:
  • We will continue our rhythm of L@ST Sundays. On the last Sunday of each month we will worship together at 9:00am with a potluck afterwards.
  • The Art of Parenting class will be held during 2*22 from January 13th through the end of March. We will kick this off with a screening of the movie “Like Arrows” on January 11th. There will also be an alternate Bible Study led by Pastor Jeff during this time.
  • Spiritual Experiences Night on February 11th.
  • Family Playdate at Legacy Academy during February.
  • Before each Lenten service, we will be offering prayer experiences.
  • A debt reduction campaign to eliminate our mortgage and increase the building maintenance fund.
  • Much of our accounts payable, receivable, and accounting will shift from volunteer positions to the organization N4N (Numbers for Nonprofits). Pastor Jeff will maintain oversight of finances. The bulk of our financial obligations will be streamlined through this central organization.

On December 2nd, at Coffee with the Staff, we were able to give an overview of this information, along with some other information about staff roles and what to expect in 2019. You can hear what was presented firshand by going to our facebook page and watching the livestream video from Coffee with the Staff. At the end of our time together that morning, we asked those in attendance to reflect on a few questions. As you go about your week, I’d encourage you to take some time to reflect on these questions as well. Perhaps, through your time of reflection, God may impress on you some personal goals for 2019. The staff and I covet your prayers as we move into 2019. We are so thankful for each of you and your partnership in God’s Kingdom.

“Where do you currently see our congregation/your home/yourself flourishing?”

“In what areas in our congregation/your home/yourself need some nourishment?

“What growth have you see in yourself in 2018?”

“What would you like to see for your spiritual health in 2019?”

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