I Am Not A Leader!

Why such resistance to the label?

As children we all wanted to take our turn at being the leader as we played follow the leader.

So, what changed for most of us?

What lies did we embrace along the way that left us with the impression that only a few could lead?

What self-defeating talk took root in our minds that led us to believe that WE WERE NOT LEADERS?

I love the way God is redefining leadership at the Church. Everyone gets to play! Everyone gets to lead!

Over the next couple of months we will be challenging our worldly views we have inherited concerning leadership. And, hopefully, we will continue to shift our thinking about leadership from something that is reserved for a select few who “qualify” to “everyone” who has been called by Jesus to follow Him.

You are a leader.

So, with a learner’s mind, let’s lay aside our various preconceptions and embrace the divine privilege of leadership. Our shared mission depends on it!

Take a moment to let this land on you. How do you respond to the notion that you are a leader? Do you embrace it? Do you resist it? If you do resist, what’s makes you hesitant?

Let’s talk about it.

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