Intentionally Series Introduction

God does not involve us in His mission because He is incapable. He intentionally involves us because He wants human beings to reflect Him. And, our involvement is only possible because of His intentionality.

We could not be involved unless he did everything to involve us. Without the atonement of Christ, we can’t be involved. Without being born anew by the Holy Spirit, we can’t be involved. Without the Father drawing us to himself, we can’t be involved. So even our involvement is entirely to his credit. But that doesn’t render our involvement any less essential to what God wants to do.

During these last 6 months, we have been introduced to a new term: essential workers. These workers have worked tirelessly and intentionally to serve humanity during a world-wide pandemic.

The call to live with focused intentionality rests on God’s intentional choice. “You did not choose me, I chose you, “ Jesus said. (John 15:16) During this new sermon series in October, it is my prayer that we would grow in our belief that God made US essential. I fear we diminish this truth. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why we choose to not live with focused intentionality.  To believe that we are not essential might sound humble, but it’s actually arrogant sin, because it’s a rejection of God’s valuation of us.

Our Acts story continues. The Good News about Jesus is spreading. And missionaries are multiplying. More and more essential workers are on the job.


So, the question is, will we join the movement?

October 4 Get in the Game

What if the call to follow Jesus and join Him in His mission is less about duty and much more about delight?

October 11 Now What

How should we respond when, on our journey, we are confused and have no idea what to do next?

October 18 Stay the Course

What can we do to cut through the clutter of “can do” in favor of our “must do?”

October 25 Stay on Message

What happens when we are really trying to intentionally share the Gospel but are misunderstood?

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