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At the Church we share a compelling mission. It really is an urgent mandate because life in Jesus brings peace. This Blog is launched as another venue to help us live life in Jesus. I invite you to engage in the conversation. Our stories help one another. Let’s get started! What is it that really helps you connect to life in Jesus? What are the everyday moments that inspire your trust and confidence in Him? What stirs your passion for the Kingdom? Prompted by an encouragement from Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, I have created my own list:

  1. Deep, honest, and passionate conversations with people who are trying to follow Jesus.
  2. Unhurried time spent with genuine friends (with no impending appointments to get to)
  3. Listening to someone reflecting on their experience after they stepped out in obedience to the prompting of God
  4. Writing a new post for my blog
  5. Reading a book by Timothy Keller
  6. Finding just the right word or word picture to articulate clearly
  7. Passionate and true music
  8. A long drive with Amy with no radio
  9. Exhausted, spent, at home with my family after the last Service on Christmas Day, sharing genuine love with meaningful gifts and conversations
  10. The Gospel of Mark
  11. Praying with Amy
  12. Taking the next step. Doing something.

Matt posts “I also wrestled with and paid attention to what robbed me of affection for Christ. What, when I was doing it or spending time around it created in me an unhealthy love for this world?” Here’s my list:

  1. Too much time alone with my thoughts
  2. Eating unhealthy over an extended period of time
  3. Spending too much money on stuff
  4. Caring too much about my sports teams
  5. Non-authentic conversations
  6. Long stretches of time without praying with others
  7. Too much time on my mobile devices
  8. Thinking too much about the distant future without any action towards it
  9. Being around too much clutter

What helps you maintain that strong and abiding connection to life in Jesus? If you can fill your days with these things and steer clear of those things that gum up that connection, you will have a better chance at staying connected. And, therefore, have a greater opportunity of joining Jesus in His mission. What make your lists?

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