Kids Connection

We talk a lot at the Church about the value of talking about your faith with your children at home, as well as the importance of having a group of adults, whom your child trusts, who can surround and encourage your child. Our Kids Connection gatherings at 9:15am each week (at our Fitchburg location in the Preschool) are a great avenue for helping both of these things to be realized.

Kids Connection is a gathering for children 4th grade and under. It is a multi-age setting where children build relationships, play, and learn about Jesus in creative and interactive ways. Led by parents, children are surrounded each week by not one, but a multitude of other adults who they can build relationships with. The topic covered each week is directly tied to the sermon, reinforcing what your child is hearing in worship.

Recently, a group of 10 families met to continue planning for Kids Connection. These families have been so blessed by this time already and are excited to continue facilitating and preparing this time for children each week. One of the major blessings that families have found during this time is the multi-age aspect. Older children are teaching and playing with younger children, and the younger children have older role models. Also, we have noticed at the Church that when parents are engaged with teaching and facilitating in a structured church setting, they are more comfortable with talking about faith at home.

I was so excited at this meeting with families to see how the body of Christ can really work together. Some parents are more comfortable setting up organizational systems, some are creative with crafts, some are more comfortable in front of children or with leading worship for kids. When everyone’s gifts are used well, we can see God glorified and our children receive the benefits.

While parents are encouraged to come with their children when possible, there are 4 parents who sign up each week to have the responsibility of supervising Kids Connection. That allows space for other parents to pop in at faithBuilders if there is something of interest to them. On the second Sunday of each month, Amy DeBaker leads a Family Week. Crafts and activities are planned to help create space for families to learn about Jesus all together. In March, the 2nd and 3rd grade students will receive Bibles during Family Week.

Do you have children 4th grade and younger? The families at Kids Connection would love for you to join them! Pop in any week and see what they are up to! You can talk to any parent there, or myself, if you are interested in helping with facilitating or planning. Do you love kids but don’t have any smaller ones at home? You are still needed! We would love to have any passionate adults at the Church offer their time to help plan, supervise, or facilitate our Kids Connection time. I know our parents would love a break and your influence in a child’s life is valuable. Let me know if you want to get involved. We are a community and we have a precious responsibility to help our children love Jesus and I am so thankful to all of the families who are so generous to help make this a reality!

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