Let Us Dance in the Rain

We were hosting a party [at someone else’s home] and were looking forward to eating outside at the picnic tables and using the fire pit to roast marshmallows. We had a problem, at the start of the day there was 70% chance of rain in the forecast. So one of my daughters said, “Don’t worry mom, I’ve already started praying and asking God to hold off the rain.” I thought, well that’s a good idea, except we really need the rain. Selfishly I agreed with her prayer because being outside would be so much more fun. The evening started, the people arrived, and there was no rain! We enjoyed eating outside, the little kids running around and sitting around the campfire. Then the clouds started to come, and as the sun was starting to set, a few drops began to fall. We moved inside, grabbed some of the things that couldn’t get wet and headed indoors. There were several of us, including all of the youngest in attendance [those 4 and under] that were caught away from the house when the rain started to really pour down. What took place next will be a memory I cherish for many years to come.

One by one, the little ones began to play in the rain. And soon they were joined by the not so little kids! There was dancing, and twirling, and jumping and complete unbridled JOY! What I loved most was there was not one parent that said no. There was no hesitation and everyone embraced the moment. It was the definition of serendipity.

The quote that popped in my head was:

There was such freedom to enjoy and appreciate the thrill of splashing in a puddle, or looking up and catching rain drops on their faces. There was no difference between the big kids [the adults] and the little kids!

And here are a few things I learned as I reflect back on that evening.

God’s plan is always the best plan. Be open to it.
It is good to pray, and include God in my plans.
Always Trust God, He knows what He is doing.
Without the rain, we would not have had that opportunity. We would not have had those memories. We could not have captured these pictures.

As I consider what kind of legacy I want to leave behind, it includes knowing that my God has a perfect plan and that He is completely 100% trustworthy. Including Him in my plans by talking to Him in prayer about everything: seeking His guidance, asking Him to lead and direct my steps, asking for His wisdom as I make choices, depending on Him, thanking Him, is of the utmost importance.

And to choose joy, even when it rains!

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