Life In Rhythm

God is the Master Creator. He ordered the world. He orders our days.

The earth ROTATES one time every day.

He sets aside one day a week to SABBATH, to rest.

He hung the moon in the sky that waxes and wanes in a monthly LUNAR pattern.

He established the four SEASONS each offering its unique contribution every quarter.

And, once every year, the earth ORBITS the sun, marking time.

The rhythm of our world has been so intelligently designed by a Master Creator.

That Master Creator invites you to live life together with Him. That’s what we mean by lifeWorship. Worship is not just an event, it’s a lifestyle. Do you suppose that the Master Creator intended to have these rhythms bless our lives too?

DAILY (rotational)

WEEKLY (Sabbath)

MONTHLY (lunar)

QUARTERLY (seasonal)

YEARLY (orbital)

At this point in my journey here’s a few of the habits I have integrated:

DAILY (rotational)

Journaling 3 pages, get up and go to bed at consistent times, drink 2 liters of water, read the Bible

WEEKLY (sabbath)

Take at least a portion of one day to chill, rest, do something that replenishes me

MONTHLY (lunar)

Take a one day spiritual/vision retreat

QUARTERLY (seasonal)

Set seasonal Strategic Priorities for my ministry, take one day of Sabbath with my wife, Amy

YEARLY (orbital)

Take a week-long retreat to reset my Life Plan, decide on Yearly Motto: this year it’s “Life in Rhythm” (surprise!)


What habits have you integrated?

What habits would you like to integrate?

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