Like a Child

Why is it so easy for children, and seems so difficult for adults?

A friend of mine was so surprised at how easily his daughter talked about how much she liked church and invited her friend with her.  She even prompted him to ask her friend’s parents if it was OK.  Two weeks later, her friend’s older sister was also joining them at church.

Now, it’s not about bringing people to church, but it is about sharing life, and all of it, with our friends and neighbors.

My friend related how he had been spending time with Mark 10:13-16 and seeing in his daughter the freedom and joy that he and most adults have had beaten down, worn away, and replaced with inhibition over time.

We can learn a lot from our children, especially when it comes to:

  • Simply trusting God.
  • Expecting good things from God
  • Enjoying the good things God gives.

Where is one place you’ve seen child-like infectious joy and enthusiasm, and been drawn to it?

Where would you like God to restore or give you child-like trust, joy and enthusiasm?

“Dear God, restore my joy today.  The world seems to tell me to keep it to myself, to even hide it.  Return, or bring me to the place where I can’t keep my excitement and joy about You and what You do to myself.  I want to play, again, Daddy.  Amen.”

Let me know where you see unbridled joy.  If you have a story or feedback, please Share It with me in the comments or via email: [email protected]