Pastor Matt Wipperman - April 6, 2014

1more friend: Care, part 3 - Smelling Like God

McDonalds figured out long ago that the smell of their french fries would draw their potential customers in, and could even produce feelings of hunger in people who otherwise had no intention to eat. The aroma of Christ is polarizing, drawing in the hungry, but reminding others of death. Christ’s fragrance is a life of sacrifice, a fragrance we bear as His people, by His sacrifice. And it’s a fragrance perceived by others through His love lived out in our lives and shared with others. What do you smell like?

From Series: " 1 more Friend: CARE "

30 weeks divided into three, 10-week series. When a Jesus-follower chooses to be a friend, he/ she will devote themselves to three things: prayer, care, share. We will be using the resource, Be Jesus in Your Neighborhood by Alvin VanderGriend as a supplement to the 1more Friend 30-week series. Using the 30-day devotional as a 30-week devotional as a sort of “playbook” for missional living, everybody will grow in what it means in real time to be a “friend.”

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