Pastor Jeff Meyer - October 26, 2014

1more GIVER, part 1 Sacrifice?

Sacrifice? Really? “We often hear the call to discipleship only through the lens of sacrifice (looking at what we are losing). But Jesus rarely spoke this way! When He talked about discipleship, He always spoke through the lens of investment, looking at what we were gaining.” pg.11-12 “Oikonomics” Today we are graciously invited to apprentice with Jesus and learn what it really means to “have it all.”

From Series: " 1more friend GIVER "

This 5-week series will redefine giving from sacrificial to investment. We will be using the book by Mike Breen entitled “Oikonomics: How to Invest In Life’s 5 Capitals the Way Jesus Did” Jesus is looking for 1more giver. Will God’s people at the Church choose to be a giver?

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