Pastor Matt Wipperman - November 23, 2014

1more GIVER, part 4: Investing Physical and Intellectual Capital

Descending our Kingdom hierarchy, somewhere in the middle we consider today the time and energy we have to invest in people and projects. “It comprises the time we make available to as well as the capacity we have to use that time.” pg 48 “Oikonomics” We also consider the creative ideas and solutions we bring to the world. “Jesus was no slouch when it came to intelligence.” pg. 48 “Oikonomics” Nor are His followers. Let’s discover together how we can invest these gifts for the purposes of Jesus.

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This 5-week series will redefine giving from sacrificial to investment. We will be using the book by Mike Breen entitled “Oikonomics: How to Invest In Life’s 5 Capitals the Way Jesus Did” Jesus is looking for 1more giver. Will God’s people at the Church choose to be a giver?

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