Pastor Jeff Meyer - October 5, 2014

1more LEADER, part 7: Responsive

We make our plans. And, most of the time, we will fight and resist anything that comes up against those plans. We want what we want when we want it, in the way that we want it. And because of that, most days, we are not coachable. Therefore, we cannot react. We find it difficult to change course. Tightly gripping control, we are filled with tension and anxiety. Jesus never did anything on His own. He always took the situation to the One who was in control. He always looked to and trusted His Father. Jesus had an intimate relationship with Him. Therefore, Jesus was never out of step with His Father. Because He was so inseparably connected to His Father, we can be assured that whatever Jesus says and does is in harmony with God’s design and intention. Followers of Jesus have the distinct advantage of following a leader who is ALWAYS RESPONSIVE! As we follow Him we learn what it means to be obedient, awake, aware, dependent, perceptive, reactive, sensitive.

From Series: " 1more LEADER "

This 9-week series will redefine leadership from something that is reserved for a select few who “qualify” to “everyone” who has been called by Jesus to follow Him.

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