Pastor Jeff Meyer - March 2, 2022

Ash Wednesday: God’s Big Story

Ash Wednesday begins the time when we reflect on our need for a Savior, culminating with the moment (Easter Sunday) when we see all of the puzzle pieces come together in one big act of love. God lays the foundation of the puzzle in the Old Testament. We watch as a relationship between man and God is broken. “Because of your sin you can’t come in.” We witness the effect of a broken relationship in a broken world. We see the visible symbols of that broken relationship (angels guarding the garden, temple curtain) and man’s need and desire to be right with God (sacrifice). “Because of your sin you can’t come in.” Through it all we see God’s continued pursuit of that relationship. Jesus’ birth, life, teachings all point to a God who comes to restore and redeem. On Good Friday we are invited to again enter the full presence of God. “God ripped up the ‘Keep Out’ sign.” On Easter Sunday we see a relationship fully restored. “Because Jesus died, we can go in.”

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