Pastor Jeff Meyer - January 10, 2016

Engaged! Connected lifestyle, part 1: Intro

The engaged life is a connecting lifestyle. All of my life is connected to Jesus. Not parts, but the whole. As a result, all my relationships, and opportunities for interaction with others, are opportunities for life-giving connections. This is simple, not complex. Yet, in our compartmentalized reality, quite difficult. In fact, Jesus tells us that is impossible...on our own. It cannot be done without Jesus!

From Series: " Engaged: Connecting Lifestyle "

This 10-week series is centered on the first of the four parts of our strategy: Connecting lifeStyle. We are focusing on full engagement in 2016. Living a Connected and Connecting lifeStyle by inviting people to join us where we are enthusiastically engaged in our strategy of lifeGroup, lifeServe and lifeWorship. It is important to note here that the invitations are not merely an attractional invitation so as to increase participation in our church, but a missional invitation because we have set our strategy as our church’s methodology of disciple-making….building a missional lifestyle. In other words, we believe that through engagement in our strategy we have the best shot at showing someone how to follow Jesus.

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