Pastor Jeff Meyer - June 14, 2020

Expanding, part 1: Power

Think of power in two ways: as influence, and as skill to do something. Have you ever felt powerless? Many of us look around and think “What can I do? When we see an obvious problem, we ask, “Why doesn’t somebody do something?” We question why people don’t step up and take action, but we assume that someone has an action to take—they know what to do and are able to do it. But the uncomfortable reality of life in a fallen world is that its needs outstrip our ability to “do something.”

From Series: "Expanding"

God’s intent was never for a few to know and be redeemed. His intent was for the world. For all people. For every person. Throughout this five week series we see the love and community of Jesus’ Kingdom EXPANDING. From Jerusalem to the world. The Kingdom of Jesus, rich in power, unity, mission, grace and clarity, makes its way.

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