Pastor Jeff Meyer - June 21, 2020

Expanding, part 2: Unity

Living out “what’s mine is yours” is a visible and expanding demonstration of the statement that “all the believers were one in heart and mind.” The thought does come to mind: “if you have everything in common, you can’t lose anything.” Here in Acts 4 & 5 we see somewhat of an emergence of what Adam & Eve must have experienced in the Garden- “abundant grace was upon them all” every day (v. 33). Every day they experienced the overflowing favor of God. There was nothing to lose. When we’re sure we have it all already, we don’t need to cling to things, and we aren’t as suspicious of others.

From Series: "Expanding"

God’s intent was never for a few to know and be redeemed. His intent was for the world. For all people. For every person. Throughout this five week series we see the love and community of Jesus’ Kingdom EXPANDING. From Jerusalem to the world. The Kingdom of Jesus, rich in power, unity, mission, grace and clarity, makes its way.

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