Pastor Jeff Meyer - October 25, 2020

Intentionally, part 4: Stay on Message

he experience of not being understood or being deliberately misunderstood is very frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be hopeless. It can drive us to prayer, not despair. After all, as Paul knew, no one was more determined to misunderstand as he was, yet God got through.

From Series: "Intentionally"

This 4-week series is centered on Intentionally living on mission as we’re connecting with Jesus, the church, and our community. Clearly seeing that God wants to work through us, we are invited to intentionally get in the game. We don’t have to clearly know all of the details of the game plan to answer “Now what?” We can trust our captain and just take the next step. With the actual race in view, we can fend off distractions and stay the course. And even when others misunderstand, we can stay on message, trusting God alone, who is the one who changes even unwilling hearts. In the Book of Acts we see Paul and the early disciples challenged in ways we are familiar with. We can be encouraged to live Intentionally, as they did.

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