Pastor Jeff Meyer - September 4, 2016

lifeGroup, part 10: Gift of Patterns

Meeting weekly, praying regularly, discussing God’s Word consistently with our friends--gifts given in rhythm! These patterns are life-giving. And, once established, can provide much-needed support when trials arise. Daniel knew just what to do when things got really tough, because he had an established pattern developed in his life. What daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly patterns do you want to develop in your life?

From Series: " Engaged: lifeGroup "

The engaged life living life together in community. There are indispensable gifts received when we live life together. lifeGroup is one way to share life with one another while following Jesus and helping others on their journey of following Jesus. We seek life transformation as we help one another in the context of a smaller group of people (outside of corporate worship). We need one another in order to grow in our relationship with God and to actively engage our friends who are far from God. lifeGroup is more than meeting once a week, we share life with one another. lifeGroup is a safe and authentic place where we can care for one another as well as find ways to reach out and bless others in our surrounding communities.

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