Pastor Jeff Meyer - March 15, 2020

One Kingdom, part 6: Restored

Zaccheus was ostracized, excluded, and condemned by his own people in his own town. This head tax collector for the Roman government was lost in his wealth. Jesus, in seeking to spend time at Zaccheus’ home, faces some of the same criticism. But as the Kingdom of God comes, this lost son of Abraham is Restored, half of all his wealth is given to the poor to Restore them, and anything he gained by defrauding anyone is Restored times four.

From Series: "One Kingdom "

This 6-week series is centered on clearly understanding and seeing the Kingdom coming in Christ, and the restoration He brings. Identity is restored and new when people are connected to life in Jesus. The Gospel of forgiveness and welcome into the Kingdom is our motivation and mission. The Kingdom is clearly visible in restored relationships as we live and forgive together as a church. The Kingdom comes among us as we follow our marching orders, spreading the Gospel as we connect with our community. And we look forward to Jesus return, when He will usher in the Kingdom, finally, and all will be restored.

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