Pastor Jeff Meyer - August 13, 2017

Realigned, part 3: Trying or Trusting??

As we focus on living, we can begin to imagine that we see rightness in action and understanding. The natural extension, then, is that rightness with God (righteousness) is dependent on action, and our set-apartness is based on our action and worthiness. This is the stumbling block, for Israel, and still for so many of us today. As God REALIGNS us to trust Him, will we submit and hold tightly to Him, or will we hold tightly to a righteousness that we have established?

From Series: "Realigned"

This 8-week series spans chapters nine, ten, and eleven of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Paul reframes our understanding of the Children of Abraham, poses a series of rhetorical questions, even circling back to As we are being Re-Formed, we see God, through Paul, REALIGNING our posture and attention, toward Him and His trustworthiness, and not toward ourselves. We are REALIGNED to the truth: that all things are from Him, by Him, and for His Glory.

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