Pastor Jeff Meyer - October 29, 2017

Reconsecrate, part 6: Honoring

The Jesus Life is a re-consecrated life. The re-consecrated life is an honoring life. All of our life is lived in honor of Jesus. The point isn’t how we live this out, what commitment we make, how we make it. All those who re-consecrations today will be as unique as the person who is making it. There is freedom in this. The point is that whatever we do, we do it to the honor of Jesus. It is not made for any other reason.

From Series: "Reconsecrate"

This 6-week series culminates with Consecration Sunday. If our 1-year goal is to see “100 people re-examine missional living as they practice and experiment what it means for them to live missionally,” then it is critical for us to communicate in this series that the missional life is a re-consecrated life. To be consecrated means to….Every Jesus-follower has been consecrated in their baptism. And, there are milestone moments when we re-consecrate our lives for THE KINGDOM purposes of Jesus our Master. This series is one of those milestone moments. Our thinking, gifting, practicing, submitting, loving, and honoring..all set apart, distinctive, committed to the Jesus life.

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