Pastor Jeff Meyer - March 19, 2017

Redeemed, part 2: Compare and Contrast


Adam and Jesus are two combatants locked in a life and death struggle. Adam’s disobedience results in sin and death for all. The Law only compounds Adam’s trespass by multiplying humanity’s guilt. Jesus is the “anti-Adam” and the antidote for the consequence of sin which is eternal separation from God. Christ always prevails over all the consequences of Adam! The reign of sin and death is overcome by the reign of grace and life. In Jesus, grace overflowed above and beyond sin and the victory is assured for those who receive His gifts by faith. We don’t deserve it but He earned it so live the Gospel life because you are His forever!

From Series: "Redeemed"

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. As a church we will journey through Romans, which contains the scripture pivotal for Luther’s understanding of justification. This will be not only a year of remembrance and celebration, but one where we together seek to examine our own lives, and to see every aspect Re-Formed by God.

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