Pastor Jeff Meyer - May 21, 2017

Released, part 5: From Domination

Sin dominates. Sin separates from God and has twisted all people inward on themselves, and even those around them. Sin can never look to God, or hope and trust in anything other than the self or other people, continuing the cycle. Born into sin, we are all dominated by death. Jesus releases us from the domination of sin and gives us the Holy Spirit, life, and peace.

From Series: "Released"

This series takes us through Romans 7 and into the middle of Romans 8. In this stage in our Re-Formation journey, we examine the effect of what we just witnessed at Easter. God sent His Son to die for us. Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law. Without sin, Jesus died and paid the price for all of our sin, and rose again. He condemned sin once and for all. Tied to life with Him, through baptism and faith, we are declared “NOT GUILTY!” We have been RELEASED from all that bound us, all that would still bind us. Free at last!

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