Pastor Jeff Meyer - February 10, 2013

The Story, Chapter 5: God Delivers-His Commandments

 The Story - God Delivers

The Israelites had been exposed to and influenced by Egyptian religion, values, and culture for more than four centuries. How will God teach them who He is, and how He wants them to live? Two tablets – Ten Commandments. Why all the rules? Do they still apply to us today? What’s the big deal if we break a couple of them?

From Series: " The Story - God Delivers "

The Bible contains an Upper Story and Lower Story. The Upper Story tells the big picture, the grand narrative of God unfolding throughout history. The Lower Story contains the sometimes delightful, other times appalling particulars of human experience. Without the lens of the Upper Story, the Lower Story seems out of focus and perplexing. Through “The Story”, we are mindful of both the temporal, easily seen events, and the not so obvious eternal realities.

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