Dan Haupt - September 1, 2013

The Story of God, the Story of Us, pt 1: Creation and Catastrophe

Creation is about gift-giving. It is amazing how many gifts God gives to mankind in and through his creation. Catastrophe comes when man rejects God’s gifts in favor of man-made substitutes. What are those gifts, and what are the consequences of rejecting God’s gifts? Will you receive all that God has for you?

From Series: " The Story of God, the Story of Us "

Following the book by Sean Gladding we use the twelve “C’s”, to take a 30,000 foot view of the Bible – how it is a story about God and a story about us. Join us as we use the Bible’s main themes to connect the stories together. Creation, Catastrophe, Covenant, Community, Conquest, Crown, Conceit, Christ, Cross, Church, Consummation.

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