Pastor Jeff Meyer - September 8, 2013

The Story of God, the Story of Us, pt 2: Covenant and Community

To save us from ourselves and to mend the broken cosmos, God continues the work of new creation by choosing to bless all people through one family. God calls Abraham to leave his three sources of security: his country, his relatives, and his father’s house. With that sending, God also gives Abraham a promise – a covenant that impacts all generations, including us! God shapes his community to understand who he is and what he is doing. How is God working in your life to help you understand who he is?

From Series: " The Story of God, the Story of Us "

Following the book by Sean Gladding we use the twelve “C’s”, to take a 30,000 foot view of the Bible – how it is a story about God and a story about us. Join us as we use the Bible’s main themes to connect the stories together. Creation, Catastrophe, Covenant, Community, Conquest, Crown, Conceit, Christ, Cross, Church, Consummation.

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