Pastor Jeff Meyer - September 15, 2013

The Story of God, the Story of Us, pt 3: Community and Conquest

God continues to focus on his community of people as he shapes their identity and mission. Identity as God’s people is formed by faithfulness in obeying the mission God lays before them. His people are to be priests representing a holy God in the midst of a broken and corrupt humanity, mediators of God’s covenant. God also teaches his people that he is faithful to his promises as he leads them into the Promised Land. From where does your identity and mission come?

From Series: " The Story of God, the Story of Us "

Following the book by Sean Gladding we use the twelve “C’s”, to take a 30,000 foot view of the Bible – how it is a story about God and a story about us. Join us as we use the Bible’s main themes to connect the stories together. Creation, Catastrophe, Covenant, Community, Conquest, Crown, Conceit, Christ, Cross, Church, Consummation.

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