Pastor Jeff Meyer - April 5, 2015

Unleashed, Easter: Death is Swallowed Forever

Mary didn’t first think back to Jesus words about His resurrection when she saw that His grave had been opened, she assumed the stone must have been rolled away from the outside. Jesus said that He would rebuild the temple in three days. What an amazing truth, that defies the very fundamental things we know about life. The grave couldn’t hold Him, instead, the resurrected Jesus is unleashed!

From Series: "Unleashed"

This 6-week series follows the Easter lectionary schedule, beginning with Easter Sunday, it covers 50 days and concludes with Pentecost Sunday. With the empty tomb, the resurrected Jesus is unleashed upon the world. First in His self, then until He comes again through His disciples powered by His Holy Spirit. As we have been following Jesus in His Earthly ministry, we now see with much more clarity our sending to the world, as His body here on Earth, the church. Just as Christ was sent, He has unleashed His church upon the world.

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