Pastor Jeff Meyer - June 16, 2019

Who Am I, Part 3: Part of a Family

Focus: God created woman from man. We are designed to be together, part of a family. This is the fundamental unit of human society, and the family is where more humans come from. We struggle mightily in the Western world as our individuality conflicts with our design to be part of a family. Sin has messed many things up, including fracturing our families. And yet, it’s part of who we are. I am a father, or mother. I am a wife or a husband. I am a son or a daughter. Who am I? I am part of a family.

From Series: "Who Am I?"

This 5-week series is centered on Relationships. Healthy Homes Built on Grace and Truth want to experience relationships the way God designed. Because we flourish when our relationships reflect and work within God’s design. This series runs from the first Sunday in June through the last Sunday in June. The paraments are white for the Easter Season, red for Pentecost Sunday (June 9), white again for Holy Trinity Sunday (June 16) and are then Green for the After Pentecost Season.

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