Mission Milwaukee

On Sunday, 25 high school students, 3 college age students, and 6 adults embarked on a week long mission trip to Milwaukee, WI. So close to home, it is shocking to learn that Milwaukee is the 4th poorest city in the nation and has the highest infant mortality rate in the nation. It is a city that struggles immensely with great needs. Today we also learned that Milwaukee is the only city of it’s size and with it’s needs that has never experienced a resurgence of faith. We feel honored to bring the love of Jesus to this place!

We are partnering with 2 organizations this week. The first is located in one of the highest need areas in Milwaukee. It is an organization that we first worked with 4 years ago, and those of us who were there for the 2nd time were overwhelmed by the magnitude of what God has done in this organization. Started by a man who had a vision to bring Jesus to Milwaukee, Adullam is a place of refuge in the inner city. Currently they help to meet the felt needs of the community, offer worship and prayer, operate as a bit of a community center, and provide a hot meal once a week. Future plans include hopes to start job training in a workshop and cafe located in the building, internet access and other support for the homeless, and discipleship training and a community living center for missionaries. You can learn more about this ministry at http://www.adullamoutreach.com/. The second place we are partnering with is House of Love. This ministry provides housing for young adults who are in state custody but don’t currently have foster homes. They help prepare young adults to be independent and to live on their own. They also operate homes for those 18+ who need help with housing and independent living as well as the elderly. You can learn more at http://www.house-of-love.org/.

Our students are working hard with these ministries! They are building fences, refinishing and installing flooring, painting, and other remodeling work. As always, we are quite proud of our young people. Their behavior is incredibly respectful and loving. They are immersing themselves in worship and discovering more about their faith. And, they are truly loving the community and each other as Jesus would.

We look forward to updating you more as the week progresses. Please continue to pray for our students and leaders to have energy, motivation, compassion, and that they would each meet Jesus in a new way this week.

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