Mom, Author, Leader: How Becky Enright’s Spiritual Gifts Enrich Our Community

One of our values at the Church is Step+. Guided by Jesus, we take simple steps that God uses to change the world. We love seeing that value lived out in those who worship with us! This week, we introduce you to Becky Enright, a new member who is using her spiritual gifts to follow God’s calling in amazing ways! (Interview conducted by Kirsten Adshead.)

So you join the Church in January 2020 … and then the pandemic hits.

Becky (laughs): It definitely backtracked our goals and hopes for creating relationships. But I do feel connected to the Church, which is why Chad and I were so excited to continue coming. We were brand new faces, and people at church took the time to reach out and say ‘hi’.

In the middle of the summer, I reached out to Amy Meyer and I just said, “I need (a way to interact with other women). What do you guys have?’ I had conversations with God, too, about ‘I need connection, and I am at the breaking point where I will lead it if I need to lead it.’


How are you using your spiritual gifts in this new role?

Becky: I love developing content. So to sit down and develop a devotion or just a plan for conversation is always fun for me. And then facilitating has always been a joy, just kind of letting people share and talk and enjoy.

I feel like another spiritual gift that I have is just hope. It’s ok to still be sad and frustrated and angry, but I’m always trying to move into that next phase of, ‘Well, what does God have planned? Be full of hope. It’s going to be OK.”


So you were a new mom in a new church, starting a Moms group … and then you wrote a book!

Becky (laughs): I did! I wrote two! Honestly, I love to be busy.

“The Lighthouse” is about a lighthouse being built and then learning what it’s supposed to be, which is to share the light for all the ships to pass by.  … So learning that everybody has their own jobs to do, and you have (the gifts you need) to take care of that, and it’s good.”

“Hao the Leaf” is about this leaf on this birch tree, who has lots of fun going through all the seasons, spring and then summer and then the changing of fall and then finally the sleep of winter. And how the leaf is both nervous and kind of excited for that jump off of Mother Birch’s branches. But in the end he does it, and it’s good and it’s safe, and you gotta trust that your mama knows what she’s talking about.


What gives you the ability to follow through on your ideas?

Becky: It definitely comes from God. He pushes it and puts it on my heart for long periods of time, to where I actually do it. And then just having people in my corner, mostly my husband, and people like my sisters and other close friends. God set up a way that I can be encouraged by other people, and He knows that I need that. And that’s why He is my Heavenly Father, why Jesus is my best friend.


Do you ever doubt yourself?

Becky (laughs): “All the time! Every day. This morning, it’s the first in-person Mom to Mom, and I was just like, ‘I should just call in sick. They don’t need me, my voice is not important.’ All of those silly lies that are not true, but still cloud judgment.

I’ve learned to pray more often when those doubts come through. And then sometimes a Bible verse will come in or a song will come in, and I’m able to hear past the lie and just say, ‘God, help. I need you right now.”

In using her God-given spiritual gifts, Becky is spreading His love and the Good News of Jesus to others. We all have unique gifts! What gifts has God given you, and where do you see a need that you are specifically able to meet? Don’t push those nudges aside. This week, take one small step toward recognizing your spiritual gifts and using them for God’s purpose.