Moved to Action

This week, as we think about how we can be compassionate leaders, we have a great opportunity to follow Christ’s example in going beyond sympathizing to reaching out to relieve the suffering of others.

At the Preschool, the other teachers and I are privileged to help young children learn what it means to be children of God. Since the tragic death of our fellow Preschool teacher Ashlee Steele and her sister, Kacee Tollefsbol, last month, many of you have shared our suffering and reached out to support us as well as the affected families. Now I’d like to share another way we can demonstrate compassion to Ashlee’s children: Preschool families will gather on our playground in Fitchburg tonight for a Back to School fundraiser, all of the proceeds from which will go to the Ashlee Steele Memorial Fund. If you’re moved to donate, please visit or call or any Wells Fargo location and refer to account # 658 421 6003.

I’d also really like to hear from you: will you share a time when you saw compassion in action? What did that mean to you?