Moved to Action

I’m not sure about you, but whenever there’s a large natural disaster, I always want to help, but sometimes these three questions keep me from doing so. 1) Can my small donation make a difference? 2) Will it get to the people who really need it? 3) Will it really get there quick enough to help? Check out the link below and consider a donation to “Fishers of Men Ministry”. It’s easy online.

Answers: 1) Even a few US dollars can go a long way in Nepal. 2) Through Fishers of Men, we know the funds will used to serve “the least and the lost” in Nepal directly with love and grace. 3) We wired previous donations less than 24 hours after the first quake and will wire more as soon as additional donations come in.

My wife, Mayme Keagy, worked side-by-side with navtive missionaries during two medical mission trips to Nepal, they’ve visited us here, and we are now good friends. They are the most selfless people we know. Their town was damaged but they are OK. They are now headed directly to the villages at the epicenter of the first quake that you don’t hear about on the news, but where many are suffering. They also have ties in Kathmandu and will be helping there as well.

Thank you for considering even a small donation!

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