Our Inheritance


This is taken a bit out of context, and yet the same principle applies. Far too much of the time we treat things as if they belong to us, as if we have earned them on our own, as if we deserve them, as if we own them. Our attitudes and actions betray the fact that we consider the things of this world anything but a gift.

God tells His people over and over to remember, to remember what He has done. And it’s quite apparent what when people don’t remember God, gifts become gods and life gets flipped upside down.

A few weeks ago [as I’m writing this], Pastor Jeff challenged us to see how long it takes every day to stop and praise God, to thank Him for what He has done, and for His blessings, and to record how long it took, and what we thanked Him for. This is the first challenge I’ve really done in a while, and I have to say, it changed my attitude a lot of the time. Not only was I praising Him earlier, but I was praising Him more often, and I found myself looking more for His blessings throughout the day.

Over these next two months we’re exploring things that get in our way, and our legacy, or what we do with what we have been given. What will you do with what you have been entrusted with, with what you have inherited?

I want to start from a place of thanksgiving, and recognizing that God is the Creator and owner of all things, the giver of all blessings, the only true God, who loves all people and wants all people to be saved. It’s not like this isn’t something I know, but I realized over the week of the original challenge that the daily reminder helped me operate from that truth, instead of just being able to answer the quiz question correctly. Since I want that to be my starting point, I am going to extend Pastor Jeff’s challenge a 1 month challenge, beginning today.

Take a piece of paper [more if you need] and every day for the next month write down what time you woke up, what time you first praised God, and what you praised Him for. You can do all of that on one line, if you want, and then have a record that lasts the whole month on one sheet [front and back] of paper. As you’re going through the month, also record what changes you notice.

I would love to hear what you are praising God for, how He is opening your eyes, how He is giving you a thankful heart, and how you’re sharing your thankful heart with other people. Leave your comments below or email me at [email protected].