Pass it On – Part 2: Learn It


It’s been a few months since Part I: It Only Takes a Spark was printed.  How did it go?  What was the harder to show love to your neighbor, or to answer if they asked why?  Did they end up doing something nice for you?

It seems pretty common in discussions about what God has blessed us to do, how He has gifted us specifically, that people have a hard time answering about themselves, even though they can easily point to qualities they admire in others.  The same seems to hold true when I try and think of what part of my following of Jesus seems “good enough” to share with other people (put that kind of thinking out of your head if it’s there).

So, instead of convincing you about the many ways God has blessed you, or trying to say that discipleship is a two way street, so you both learn together (which is true, but doesn’t make getting over the starting hurdle any easier), let’s reverse the question.


So here is Pass it On – Part 2: Learn It

  1. Find someone who does something well that you want to do.
  2. Ask them to show you how they do it, and to teach you to do it for yourself.
  3. Actually learn it (do it and practice it).
  4. Pay attention to how they discipled you, and what you can learn about discipling from this experience.

I could (and probably will someday) ask any of a number of people I know who quickly turn to God in prayer to show me how.  Recently a friend said he was on a journey to practice discerning the work and voice of the Holy Spirit.  It sounded really cool to me, and moved me right away to want that for myself.  So, I’ve asked him if he could show me what he’s doing.  Over the next few months, I’m just going to join him in the way he is practicing and learning, and we’ll see what happens.

Maybe someday someone will ask you to show them how you spend time quietly with God, because they have seen that pattern in your life and wish they could have the same.