Pass it On – Part 3: Live It


Pass it On – Part 3: Live It

It’s been a few months since Part II: Learn It was printed.  What was more difficult for you, recognizing something in another person’s life you want to learn, or asking them to show you?

♫ Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect.

I guess if I practice then better I’ll be. ♫

An annoying song (to me), but oh so true.

So here we are, Pass it on – Part 3: Live It

What in your life is worth following?  (You could ask someone close to you, maybe someone in lifeGroup, what they see in you that is worth following)

If it’s worth following, or if you want it to be worth following, making it a pattern will help.

  1. Identify your intentional habit (maybe the thing you asked someone to teach you)
  2. Experiment with it and refine it (step 3 from Learn It, just do it, is pretty important).
  3. Write down how you see God working through that habit in your life.
  4. Share your excitement with friends about how God is showing up.

Live it is really simple, actually live with the habit as part of your life.  Know what you’re doing, do it so you get better at it and so you can experience results, record and review what you appreciate about it, and share your excitement.

Good habits are rarely, if ever accidental.  They don’t become habits, and don’t become your habit, just the way you like it, instantly.  If you don’t record what happens as a result you run the risk of forgetting, or not even seeing it.  And if you’re excited about something, why would you hide it?

If you try something and aren’t excited about it, or don’t like it, tweak it, change it to a way that works for you.  Make it something you love to live out.  And please, share it with in the comments or via email: [email protected]