Pastor Jeff and Amy’s Sabbatical

Sabbatical-from the root “Sabbath” – an extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest and renewed clarity.

The board along with the Church, staff have approved a 6-month sabbatical from November 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017 for Pastor Jeff and Amy Meyer.

Over the past few years, Pastor Jeff has wondered openly if his leadership at the Church is still effective. After 18 years, there is a growing desire, on his part, to take some time to consider if his voice as a leader is effective and whether or not he is the right leader for the Church as we move forward into the next season of our journey together. We are confident that God will speak and grant the Meyer’s the clarity they seek for the next chapter of their life together in ministry.

We also believe strongly that this would be a unique time for clarity and listening to God’s voice in each of our lives. We would ask each of you, who are part of this family we call the Church, to consider how you will respond to God’s call and mission to connect people to life in Jesus, because you do belong to Him. We trust that we will experience leadership growth during this season as more people discover what leadership skills God has given them to be used more prominently to share in Jesus’ mission as the Church.

Pastor Jeff will continue his work with Auxano and the Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) over the course of the sabbatical, and we trust God will refresh him and bring him back to the Church in such a manner that will allow all of us to discern how best we can make a Kingdom impact together. Staff unanimously selected our Youth Director, Emily Powers, to serve as interim leader during the sabbatical.

More information regarding the specifics of Pastor Jeff’s Sabbatical can be found in the links below.

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If you have questions you can contact the Chair of the Board, Peter Huebner, at [email protected] or Pastor Jeff at [email protected].

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