Refining Ourselves for Mission

Each week in the current “Refined” sermon series (part of the 2017 “Reformed” series), we’re delving further into Romans and learning how we may need God to mold our hearts and spirits.  Alongside prayerful introspection, I hope you’ll check out the ideas in this article as an accessible way to reach outward with some “gospel intentionality” and share God’s love with those around you. I’ve included a few of my own thoughts, interspersed below in italics. At the end of the list of five ideas are several Scripture passages that illustrate the significance of meal sharing and hospitality.


The following article is based on an original blog post, “Practical Examples of Everyday Rhythms,” by Pastor Josh Reeves (Redeemer Church, Round Rock, TX) published in March 2013. The text below is Verge Network’s adaptation of the post.

Much of what we do (to be on mission) is meant not to add things to the schedule, but to bring intentionality to the things we are already doing.


1. Monthly dinners

Start a monthly dinner night at your house that has an open invitation for anyone that wants to join and bring people.

2. Help others grow

Find people in your church community who love cooking and get them to help others grow in their appreciation for fine food. One way this could work well at our church would be to have your family, lifeGroup, or other “high interest” group (as defined by you) cook dinner for Higher Ground periodically, and invite the teens to help you cook!

3. Set goals

Set a goal to have more meals with neighbors/coworkers than you are currently having. Talk it out with your fellow household members and decide on what is a good starting point.

4. Make a schedule

Make a schedule each month with the nights you want to host people for meals. Prayerfully consider who you will share a table with (neighbors/co-workers/church family). For example, you could say to your spouse or roommate, “I’d like to have these 5 people/families over for dinner in 2017; can we put some potential dates on our calendar and then send email invitations?”.

5. Start a supper club

Start a supper club with people in your neighborhood or network of relationships. Have each person in the club sign up to host a night. Have the host share the recipe with the rest of the group when they come over. Spend time during the meal sharing things you are thankful for, building in a rhythm of intentionality into your meals together.

Consider the following Biblical texts:

Matthew 6:11, 26:17-30

Acts 2:42-47

Romans 12:13

Leviticus 23

Do you have any other rhythms that allow you to be on mission in everyday life? Please share them with me!

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