Revival: Commitment

Peter believed himself to be unshakable in his commitment to Jesus. Yet, just a few hours after he insisted it could never happen, Peter denied even knowing Jesus.  

External forces threaten our commitment to following Jesus, as do internal. And as committed as we would like to say that we are, sometimes we falter in the moment, and sometimes our commitment fades over time.  Maybe you can identify with Peter, maybe you’ve gone into a conversation with someone knowing that you wanted to say something about Jesus, and then found yourself shrinking from the moment because it didn’t seem like “the right time.”  Or maybe you’ve experienced the excitement and renewed commitment of a new Bible study, or discipling relationship.  Maybe you met for coffee consistently for a month or even years, but now it’s been even longer since you last met.

This is an amazing season to be considering our commitment.  Lent and Easter not only remind us of our own sin, but juxtapose that with Jesus’ commitment to His Father’s will, and God’s commitment to us.  We see the extravagant lengths and creation shattering steps God takes to not only maintain His commitment to us, but to hold up our end of the covenant for us.  God’s love on full display shows our complacency and wavering commitment for what it is.   

But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! -Revelation 3:16

Jesus’ invitation to us is simple.  “Follow me.”  It is the response, and living it out that we continue to need help with.

During April, we’re asking God to revive our commitment to Him.  God sent Jesus to live in our place, to keep His commands since we need help.  God also sent Jesus to die in our place to pay the price for our sins.  We also need God to help us in our commitment to following Jesus. 

We’re asking that He revive our commitment to the practices of a household WELL, the practices of following Jesus with every part of our lives.  We’ll have opportunities every week to consider the external forces that threaten our commitment, our fears that threaten to get in the way, Jesus’ focus on the lost and where our focus lies, Jesus’ simple invitation to follow and chances to practice our response.  On May 1st we’ll have another chance to practice as we commit to our financial response on commitment Sunday.

“Come, Lord Jesus, revive our commitment to following you. Your commitment to us is for life and our household WELLs get to share that same eternal life-giving water with everyone.  We confess our lack of commitment to you, our fears, our doubts, and our self-focus.  Open our hands to release our grip on whatever we’re holding so tightly.  We need you to help us take the steps you call us to take each day. Amen”