South Carolina Mission Trip-Day 4

We finished our work week! A lot of us finished our projects, and a few have just a few last touch ups for next week’s group to do. Either way, we feel accomplished and proud of what God allowed us to do and provide for our new South Carolina friends. I wanted to share our students’ perspectives on the trip so far, so I asked them to share their thoughts with you.

Here are some of our students favorite highlights or God Moments from the week so far:

“Today I was able to join another work crew for the entire day. It was really amazing to see how they had developed into a “well-oiled” machine. Even though they hadn’t known each other at all at the beginning of the week, they were laughing and enjoying each others’ company. Not only that, but they were very welcoming to me even though I had not been a part of their group the whole week. It was really fantastic to see how serving others can bring so many people together, even if they come from different states.” -Charlie Strange, 18

“One big thing for me was realizing how good hard work and a good work ethic can feel! That might sound cheesy… but putting the last nail into the floor of the bathroom my crew was fixing up was super satisfying, especially since the the project was way more work then we thought it would be. (What was just a re-tiling job turned into a full replacement of the floor and the support beams underneath.) Another thing that hit me, and seems to always hit me on trips like this, is how encouraging and fun spending time with other brothers and sisters in Christ is! Everyone seem’s to have a better attitude and a more Christ centered outlook. They seem to realize that they are all here for the same purpose- to worship and glorify God through everything we do! And it makes me wonder why this mindset and outlook only happen’s at times like this and not in our everyday Christian walk.” -Joshua Kueber, 16

“This mission trip has been very challenging for me physically, spiritually and emotionally, because I came in with a lot of expectations. This week I was stressing out about how much sleep I was getting, if I had enough food in my lunch, who my friends were hanging out with, how sweaty I was getting, a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t really what mission trips are about. I was getting caught up in everything but serving the community, which is what mission trips are all about, right? So after three whole days of a lot of frustration, we arrived on the final work day. Our homeowner, Rachelle, came outside to see all the work we had done on the house. She told us all to stand in front of her, and she put her hand to her mouth and she cried. She told us that we had done such a beautiful job, that she was so proud of what we have done, that she was really going to miss us, and that she was going to pray for us every day. It really made me think that only four days of my life could make such a big impact on someones life. That was my favorite moment this week because it was when God reminded me why I came on this trip. To serve in the name of Jesus Christ.” -Renata Jaeger, 15

What is the youth director’s favorite highlight? Your kids. They have been hard working, honest, vulnerable, compassionate, motivated, respectful, and full participants in the journey God had prepared for each of them this week. We have a meeting each night with the leaders from the other church that is participating with us this week. The adults from that church have, every night, highlighted how impressed they are with your children. They talk about their work ethic, good attitudes, confidence, faith, and the love they show. Way to go moms and dads!

We’ll be back Sunday night with highlights on our free day and community cookout!

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