Spending Time

Time is the one thing that every person has in equal amount. No matter where you live, if you are wealthy or poor, young or old, well educated or have never been to school, every single person in the world has 24 hours a day. It really is pretty amazing to consider the gift of time. Each new day God gives us a beautiful gift of 24 hours. It is up to us how we spend those hours made up of minutes and seconds.

There are hundreds of quotes about time, here are just a few:

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”
“Time flies when you’re having fun.”
“Time stands still while you’re waiting.”
“Time heals all wounds.”
“Time is more valuabule than money, you can get more money, you can’t get more time.”

It seems like in the month of December the calendar fills up with extra demands on our time. We try to fit in more visits with family, more shopping for gifts, and more hours of baking and even more opportunities to worship.

How will you use your time? Who will you invest in? What intentional decisions can you make this month as a family for who you will spend your time with? Perhaps it would be wise to take some time and consider who around you could use a little help, or some encouragement and follow-through on those promptings.

What plans do you have? Perhaps you can take something that you are already going to do and this year invite a neighbor or someone on your impact list to join you. Who can you bring with you? What could you do as a neighborhood to bless others? Go to a local nursing home and sing some Christmas Carols, or gather at one of your homes, bake cookies, and then take them to other neighbors. Who do you know that is alone this Christmas? Invite them over to join your family. You can start a new tradition; find a few friends and sign up to ring bells for the Salvation Army. Offer to babysit for a mom so she can go Christmas shopping by herself. Collect mittens and hats and take them to a local school.

The truth is, we find time for what is important to us. Take time to consider once again how amazing it is that our God would choose to send his Son Jesus to be born in a manger. Take time to talk about the most awesome gift     that has ever been given with your family and friends. Take time to worship. Take time to pray for those who do not yet know that the Messiah has come and he is coming again. Take time to ask God, “How should I spend my time today?”

Amy Meyer

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