The Church Leadership Board – Meet the Nominee

On Sunday, December 11th, from 12pm-1pm, our church will have its Annual Voters Meeting. A few key points of the agenda include learning about the budget for 2017 and electing one new board member. The 2017 budget is available for review at the Church.

I find the Annual Voters Meeting is the perfect chance to become more informed about some of the servant leaders of the Church as well as the specific ministry plan of the church. And in preparation for electing a new board member, here is just a little information about her as well as the board’s criteria for nominees.

Joan Dawson – Board Nominee

  • Joan lives in Fitchburg with her husband Mark and attends the Church in Fitchburg. As a senior plan consultant with Cuna Mutual Retirement Solutions, she is responsible for retirement plan administration support of large clients. In serving her community, Joan shares her gift of music on worship teams and volunteers countless hours with our youth in Higher Ground. She and her husband Mark are recent “empty nesters” and she looks forward to serving on the Leadership Board as God directs her.

Criteria for Nomination to the Leadership Board

  • Regularly participate in the worship and educational life of the congregation.

  • Undertake personal spiritual disciplines for the development of their own faith lives.

  • Not be ministry staff members or employees of the Church.

  • Have been communicant members of the Church for at least two years prior to assuming a position on the Leadership Board.

  • Are visionary and good communicators.

  • Understand and support the basic concepts of Policy Based Governance.

  • Are willing and able to support the vision frame and vision proper.

  • Invest personal energy and skills in the mission and ministries of the congregation, seeking opportunities where individual skills and abilities can be applied other than the role of Board member.

  • Be willing and able to accept the responsibilities of Board membership as specified in the Policy Manual.

You can meet the rest of the Leadership Board here. The congregation is welcome to submit names of nominees as well, and may do so by contacting anyone on the nominating committee by November 27, 2016. (Peg Strange , Elsa Gumm, Dannie Jaeger)

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, December 11th, for the Annual Voters Meeting. And don’t forget that the Packers play the Seahawks at 3:25 pm that day, so we won’t miss the game!

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